New laptop - recording levels too low

I’m having issues with recording levels on a new laptop (Asus Vivobook S, Windows 11).

Compared to my old laptop (a Lenovo, Windows 10), even with the recording levels, and the source at 100%, the recorded waveforms are very low, although it is loud coming out from the laptop speakers. I am recording streamed audio, with recording device set to ‘speakers (Realtek)’

I still have the old laptop, so can compare directly using the same recording settings and source files. I’ve tried installing the older version of Audacity onto the new machine, and that is also too quiet.

Another difference is that on the old system I could record listening through headphones. On the new system, plugging in headphones prevents recording. That’s not completely essential although would be useful to have this option.

I have tried everything I can think off including turning ‘audio enhancements’ off in the new laptops settings.

Any help would be appreciated.

What if you do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then repeat Audio Setup ?

What are you recording from? Streaming audio? The mic built into your laptop? Something else?

How low are the levels? …If you run the Amplify effect, what does it default it to? The Amplify effect will default to whatever change is needed for normalized/maximized 0dB peaks. For example, if it defaults to +6dB dB you peaks are currently -6dB, etc.

It’s streaming audio (a YT video in this case). The amplify effect shows 15.56 on the new laptop recording. On the old laptop, amplify shows 8.94.

In both cases the YT video is at max setting. On the new laptop recording level was at 100%. On the old laptop recording level was much lower.

Thanks Jademan, I hadn’t done that.
Trying now hasn’t made any difference unfortunately.

Maybe there is some “enhancement” on the older computer?

Both are lower than I’d expect but both can be easily amplified, and you probably aren’t losing quality.

If you are using WASAPI (loopback), usually you get exactly what is being streamed and the recording & playback volume controls don’t have any effect.

Note that all of the popular streaming services use loudness normalization and that usually ends-up turning down the volume. That’s because some quiet-sounding tracks have maxed-out 0dB peaks and they can’t be boosted to volume-match the louder tracks without clipping. …Choosing a lower target volume makes it easier to match the volume and most track end-up being turned-down.

The streaming volume will generally be lower than the MP3 or CD.

Thanks for your reply DVDdoug. My concern was that I would be losing quality. I’ll try amplifying the results from both machines and see if I can tell any difference in quality between them.

Apparently ASUS computers have MaxxAudio,
which is a second layer of audio enhancements.

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