New free 1-knob multi-band compression plugins

Two “lite” plugins (Mac & PC) from waproduction which offer one-knob multi (4) band compression.

Simple to use & free, so ideal for the novice.

https ://www (Demo video doesn’t do it justice).

https ://www

Puncher is less aggressive than KSHMR, (the attack/release are not adjustable in the free lite versions )

I can confirm the 32-bit versions work in Audacity in Windows.

I don’t think the full paid-for versions are worth the money,
but the free “lite” versions are worth the effort of downloading

[ You need to give them a (disposable :wink: ) email address ].

The multi-band compressor knob in KSHMR is named “pressure”.
(confusingly there is also a one-band compressor knob, named “comp”).