New Forum Users

Hi there moderators,

I am a new forum user, not a new audacity user.

Why am I permitted to start a new post, as a new member, but NOT being able to answer directly a post? Is this logical? It’s a spam resort? Even at my own topics?

So when and if i have more info for a topic i just posted, neither i can’t edit it (i didn’t found any edit button) nor i can’t reply, without a moderator to confirm my answer?

I find that counter productive as a forum strategy. It’s easier to delete a user or a reply, than have to manually confirming every reply for the new users. Unless you don’t want new users, or you are directing the new users, replying with a new topic. :slight_smile:

In addition, i propose a new section called Forum Rules, and the encouragement of [SOLVED] on forum topic’s titles, so that we know what is solved and what is in progress. But to do this a user have to be able to edit his topic first.

Sorry, i don’t want to sound intrusive.

Thanks in advance for the understanding. Keep up the good work.

This is days-old new forum software and we are still getting accustomed to the swing of the tools.

However, the New User behavior is normal and expected. We discovered even with the normal snappy forum response, we couldn’t keep up with people trying to sell us stuff. No, I do not want new kitchen cabinets in Manchester.

We should also remember this is a Forum and not a Help Desk. We use your experiences to help others whether or not you managed to resolve your problem on your own. And if you do, please tell us how you did it.

So far you have not resolved your problem. You have discovered a work-around.

We have active forum elves over nine time zones and the response times are generally minutes or hours rather than weeks on normal forums.

As we go.


To be honest, i didn’t know that’s a days-old forum !

And yes, the response was less that a quarter !

And now i can edit !

My workaround i think it was intended from the developers this way.

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

I can appreciate the desire to keep posts civil and on topic, and to reduce spam in this forum. I do agree, however, there seems to be some overbroad nannyism when it comes to restrictions that apply only to newcomers. That said, there is one restriction that has nothing to do with selling stuff or what is posted at all. In a feature I suggested for Audacity, an administrator (Steve) made a reply with reasons he felt should outweigh my suggestion. I sent a reply to that (which still awaits moderation), but also wanted to send a message to Steve asking if he thought my reply had a point or, if not, I would remove my feature request. What I found was that the forum offered no way to contact Steve privately with my offer. His name (though highlighted in red) had no link and my private messages box had a note that “as a newcomer” I was not permitted to send private messages. This inaccessibility of newcomers to privately communicate with administrators (or others) is completely unjustified and creates a class of users that are isolated from even informing administrators of specific or basic matters that may be of importance to this forum or some particular topic. That kind of second-class status appears antithetical to all the other good purposes this forum serves. Silencing people or preventing rule abiding communications between administrators and any user cannot help to improve the forum in anyway. There really needs to be a review of restrictions on newcomers for what is really necessary and what can only be irritating and frustrating and does not serve the purposes of the forum.

This is a high profile forum with well over 100k members. That makes it a prime target for spammers and trolls. Sadly, the security measures that are used on this forum have proved necessary.

We used to allow newcomers to send private messages, but it was abused by spammers, so we had to restrict private messaging.

As a new user, you can start a new topic (in the most appropriate forum board), and it will be seen by a moderator or admin.
We don’t like whispering - if you have something to say, say it in public.

Restrictions have only been put in place as needed. When the forum was younger and smaller, there were less restrictions, but as the forum grew, the amount of spam and other antisocial behaviour became too much. Restrictions and security measures were put in place to allow the forum to function smoothly, and provide a safe space for Audacity users.