new behavior after splitting stereo tracks

After using drop down menu to split stereo tracks, the created .mp3 file no longer plays in either VLC music player or WMP. This is recent misbehavior. The file plays if I don’t split the stereo tracks. What am I doing wrong?
Liners in to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd generation; lines out to Windows 10.

There are two “split” settings. What you probably wanted was Split Stereo to Mono, rather than just Split Stereo Tracks.

Straight Split leaves you with odd, orphan sound files.


Koz, wouldn’t that leave me with mono sound? I used to be able to pan the stereo tracks right and left after splitting them which then accentuated the stereo effect.

If you you want to want to exaggerate the stereo you need to make a copy of the track in which what is common to left & right has been removed.
e.g… via “Remove Centre” in Audacity’s native effect “Vocal reduction and Isolation” …
Remove centre.png
or a [free] plugin like “Modern Splitter”.

The “Channel Mixer” plug-in has settings for widening tracks without the need to split the track:

Installation instructions:

What version of Audacity? See the pink panel at the top of the page.

Exporting two panned tracks should not be a problem as long as you are using File > Export Audio (not export selected) and one of the tracks is not muted.

If after the pan you CTRL + A and Tracks > Mix and Render you will get a single stereo track with your pan effect.