New Audacity vst scan feature

Why does the new Audacity vst scan only recognizes .dll files in the audacity plug-Ins folder
when my other version would recognize all my .dll files in other folders as well??

Please tell us what version of Audacity you are using (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page).

See for the locations where the current Audacity 2.1.2 from sees VST plugins. Use Effect > Add / Remove Plug-Ins… then enable the plugins you want and click OK.

Note also what it says there that 64-bit VST’s are not supported, nor are VST instruments. Stay with 32-bit VST 2 effects, and Audacity should see them, once enabled at Add / Remove Plug-Ins… .


I’m currently using V 2.1.2
and all my VST are 32-bit
I’ve tried Effect >add/remove plugins and it will only show me .dll files that are withing audacity’ plugin folder
All my vst are in a separate folder where my DAW can access them,
I’ve even tried Vst enabler for audacity and it still will not scan VST folders outside of Audacity plugin folders
why can’t the new version of audacity do what the older version did anymore??

This is not correct.

They need to be in one of the folders I specified (please read the link). What is the fully qualified path of the folder where your DAW can access the plugins and Audacity cannot?

Also please give examples of the names and download addresses of some of the plugins affected.

The VST Enabler does not work with Audacity 2.1.2.

If you still think the folder you want to use for VST’s is one that Audacity is supposed to look in, you could try exiting Audacity, open Windows Explorer, type


into the address bar then hit ENTER on your keyboard.

In the folder that appears, delete the file called pluginregistry.cfg.

Then restart Audacity and try enabling effects again.