New Audacity and effect timescale

Hello together
I’m a new user and an old german man. Excuse please my bad english because it’s very old school english.

I have now on opensuse tumbleweed the new Audacity and want to change mp3 audios from 440 hz to 432 hz.
Is it right that I must activate the effect timescale for it?
In Germany it gives an tutorial for this hz changing with the effect timescale.
But when I activate this effect I can’t find it in the menu and can’t make an new macro.
When now I look in the menu to the macros the effect is deactivate again.
How can I solve this problem or how can I change the hz of an audio anyway.

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The stock answer is:
Apply the “Change Tempo” effect with “Percentage Change” set to -1.818%.

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Fascinating reading Steve, had no idea.
They were quite adamant about 432 vs 440 Hz, so much so that in another wikipedia article, it’s written they tried to introduce a bill in Italy to ban 440Hz.

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Very much thanks for your answer.
I took VLC to load a mp3-audio and had a look to the codec information by many of my audios.
It stands at the sampling rate: 44100 hz or sometimes in other audios at 48000 hz, but no 44000 hz.
Then I have calculated:
44000 - 1.818% = 43200;
44100 - 2,039% = 43200,
44800 - 3,571% = 43200;

My questions:
Does it give a shell command for many mp3-audio for that I can get a result in a file about the following:
For example:

for x ... do
<audiofilename.mp3> with <samplingrate> hz

BTW: I am not very good in shell programing.

Much greetings from germany and have a nice day.

I’m not sure what you mean by “it”.

There’s an app (available in the repositories for most Linux distributions) called “MediaInfo”.
If you open an MP3 in MediaInfo it will show you the sample rate and a lot of other information about the file format.
There is also an online version of MediaInfo here:

OK Steve, I have it now by Audacity3.
Some songs that were previously in 48000 hz and now in 43200 hz are a lot slower.

But, why does this timescale effect not work or why cannot it be activated?
Is it a bug in Audacity or does it work under Ubuntu, but not under opensuse?

Perhaps if you read this introduction to digital audio first, you may be able to rephrase your question in a way that is understandable:

A completely different approach would be to use Effect > Change Pitch. This effect changes the pitch of a song without changing the tempo.