New and improved RMS-Normalize?

The Audiobook Mastering Version 4 document refers to a new and improved RMS-Normalize, but when I try the link I am rejected as unworthy. Is there a viable link to this tool? Or do I need to pay some dues, or something?


The latest version is available here:

Audiobook Mastering Version 4 document

I have been patching that document to reflect recent changes.

You may be worthy now. Depending on when you did it, we may have collided.

Please check the link(s) and report any damage. I still have some links going back to listings instead of Audacity. Some of those software packages have changed. Some are now built in to Audacity. I’m sorting that.

There are ways to evade success: If you like to speak expressively, your expression will make it into the final audio file. There is no vicious compression or volume management in Mastering 4. You do have to get close during the performance. Live, real time headphones are a big help.

One recent poster may have discovered another way. Their microphone system doesn’t overload or clip at 0. It happens at some lower number and it can create serious reading problems and odd results with the Mastering 4 tools.

And also remember Mastering 4 is only going to get you past the ACX robot (or ACX-Check). You still have to pass the ACX Human Quality Control and their bookkeeping standards.


It’s not perfect and it’s possible to fake out the noise test, but ACX Check goes a long way toward production ease. If there was any doubt of why ACX Check exists, this is how to check your work without it.


You’re right. You weren’t worthy.

I posted across to the elf restricted forum instead of general access. That’s remarkably easy for me to do by accident because I’m an elf and there is no demarcation for me.

I changed the link to the plugin area.