New 3.3.2 installs but won't run

I’m running 3.0.0 on a 6 year old MSI and it runs very well, but I splurged and got a new Dell Inspiron with the following specs running Windows 11 Home:

Device name MikesDell
Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1260P 2.10 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)
Device ID A325B21C-AF37-4365-B42A-936A6896F314
Product ID 00342-22095-61134-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch Pen and touch support with 10 touch points


Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎5/‎14/‎2023
OS build 22621.675
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22634.1000.0

Basically, it opens and looks functional. Then I go to FILE - IMPORT - then over to AUDIO then I go to where-ever the MP3 or WAV file is I want to bring in to edit. (It’s always worked on the 6 or 7 year old MSI. But on this new Dell, once I click on the file name, literally ‘nothing’ happens. I wait one or two minutes and then it says Audacity isn’t responding and do I want to wait for it or close it. I close it, and it takes several seconds for Windows to do that and send a report to Microsoft about the incident.

What am I missing here? I’ve uninstalled it and tried finding a 3.0.0 version and installing it on the new Dell. It runs, but it’s not visually ‘good’ and it isn’t smooth with right and left clicks like I’m used to on the MSI running it. Do those specs look like this program can’t run on a new Dell? I don’t get it.


I can’t say I’m familiar with this issue. If you Generate some audio, then save it, can you then Import the saved file?

I’ve never used it in that method. It’s just always been my “go-to” editor to bring in MP3s and WAV files I’ve recorded outdoors (nature recordings) or dialog to cut into clips. So I naturally have nothing to save until I’ve imported the material I’m wanting to cut up into smaller segments.

If it is genuinely not responding, you could try “reset configuration” but probably won’t be any good.
I would go to Windows Settings, find the Audacity App and Uninstall. Then shutdown PC and restart and then download a new copy of Audacity and reinstall… With your new PC it will only take a few minutes.

So here’s what I found out. I did the preferences reset. Did a reinstall, then tried an MP3 file that was only a couple hundred K in size. Loaded, played and I could edit it. I then tried importing another MP3 file buy it was 1.9 gig because of the rate I recorded it at and the general parameters of the recorder I’m using. Once again, when I clicked on it to load, nothing happened, so I set the laptop down, walked away for 3 or 4 minutes and when I came back, the loading progess box was finally open and had just gotten started. I’m guessing that because of the file size (massive) the program was/is doing some sort of work in the background before actually importing it and I just hadn’t been waiting long enough. SO… it’s a file size relative to how long you have to wait for it to begin the import process.

One other different question for any takers. I often like to use the Spectrogram view, and specifically in grayscale. But every time I’ve opened a file, looked and it and set the view to Spectrogram, then closed it and reopened a new file, when I go back to view it, it’s reverted to color and not grayscale. Shouldn’t the last settings used be stored and retained? On the older MSI 3.0.0 it kept my settings from session to session, this isn’t doing it. Do I need to tell the program somewhere to do this? Thanks for all the help.

Your file size is very large so will take some time to load… It has to read all or part of the file in to RAM etc, then Audacity starts to read it and display it as loaded… Is your hard drive a SSD…?? SSD would be faster and not very expensive. OR have you a large TB hard drive for storing these files and Windows and Audacity running on separate SSD… then there is alot of traffic accross the busses.
Also i7 it may still only be using 1 CPU process…I dont know the fine detail. Another thing you could play with is Page file size and don’t load any unnessary apps etc on startup. Also CCleaner might keep you system clean.??

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