Need to remove squeaks from file

Help! new audacity user and need to clean the squeaks/Robot noises from this file for a wedding. Any help is GREATLY appreciated as this is my friends father singing who’s no longer with us and he wants it for his first dance. THANKS!

Most of the trash is above a certain pitch tone, so you can eliminate everything above that tone and help. A lot less squeaking.

Effect > Low Pass Filter.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 8.00.59 AM.png
It’s never going to be Warner Brothers Records, but that will help. Others may have other ideas.


There’s a lot of “chirping” that is typical of excessive noise reduction / MP3 encoding damage / frequency domain processing damage.
This kind of damage is not repairable, it can only be reduced by filtering, but doing so also filters out parts of the sound that should be heard.

Is that the only version that you have, or do you have an “original” (or “closer to the original”) version that may have less of that kind of damage?

Here is the original file … lots of hissing though …

Oh and if anyone wants to fix this for me i’ll Venmo them $50. Nothing like incentive!

The problem is that the noise is in the same frequency range, and a similar level to the quieter parts of the vocals. Too much noise reduction does more damage than good, so you need to balance noise reduction against not damaging the actual sound.

This version has less hiss than the original, but without much “chirping” damage:

Hi @toberg6336

Below, is a Wetransfer link to 4 de-noised versions of your original file.
Most of the hiss has been removed and the versions get progressively “brighter”
so as not to lose too much of the limited vocal range.

If you like any of them, you can donate the money to a registered animal shelter
of your choice, one that you think is the most deserving.

Keep in mind that the audio will never be perfect but between the 4 versions, you should find one that you like.
At least the hissing is pretty much gone.

Here is the download link, valid for 1 week from today, 05 August.

Maybe add some stereo reverb to this …

[Reverb can cover a multitude of sins].