Need To Recover Lost File

Okay, this is weird. I recorded a great interview and SAVED it. So I should have it forever, right?
Not so. My computer did a reboot while I left the file open. No big deal, right? But then I updated Audacity, and it wanted to “recover” the file. Okay, fine, so I selected it and “recovered” it. I then had a BLANK screen, and assumed I could begin recording my new project. But was shocked to find my current project had my OLD project’s file name. I then realized with horror that my wonderful interview was gone.

HELP! How do I get my interview back?!

You are not the first to report losing a file during a forced Windows Update. If this is what happened I would report the issue here: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub.

See also: Any way to auto-save Audacity files when there's a forced Windows Update?

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