Need to change voice but Kerovee audio quality sucks

Hi, so here’s the thing, I’m trans. I was born female but my voice is one of the things that really stings me. I’m trying to make a YouTube channel where I play Minecraft and commentary over it, a Let’s Play. But I’ve tried this before (with Bioshock) and my voice killed it for me after two episodes. I have chronic illness and am hoping to use YouTube as an avenue for money since I have very limited options. I need to make it work but I can’t bring myself to upload videos with my natural voice.

I tried looking for ways to change it, pitch changing just sounds wrong and Graillon 2 and Gsnap don’t have the functions for conversational voice changing (or if they do I have no idea how to even approach it). I tried Kerovee and the voice sounds fantastic, exactly what I hear in my head, what my voice is SUPPOSED to sound like. Almost made me cry. But the audio quality itself really sucks, especially with distortion on S’s. I tried to do click removal and noise reduction and all kinds of things but it didn’t make a difference. Can anyone suggest a fix to this? Please, I’m actually getting really upset over this. Doesn’t even have to be something for Audacity, just anything where I can record my voice and make it sound naturally male.

OS: Windows 10 ver1903
Audacity 2.1.0
Tests using built-in mic on MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro

Kerovee changes: -25, -15, -12, -10,100 Tone 1, 0 Tune Speed and Nuance
I’m willing to provide audio clips if you’re willing to tell me how to put them in my post.

I already posted something similar earlier but I’m getting desperate and I’m not sure my earlier post clearly depicted my problem so I’m trying again and hoping this new post will be seen by more people. I apologise for any perceived double posting.

Doesn’t even have to be something for Audacity

It kind of does. The elves’ strong point is Audacity tools and services. You would need to find somebody on the forum with Kerovee experience and an Audacity question.

And more to the point, as you found, there are no good Audacity tools for “Change.” It’s a popular request for us to change Male/Female, Adult/Kid, Anybody/Announcer.

All fail.

especially with distortion on S’s

As you’re finding, all parts of the voice don’t change with conversion. If my kid sister and a large, male football player whispered to you, you would not be able to sort who was who. But the instant they said anything in a normal voice, the difference is obvious. All parts of the voice don’t change.

Change Pitch and similar tools are really simple and try to change everything. No, they don’t work all that well on voices. They usually come off like a record player running at the wrong speed.


MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro

That I wouldn’t do. Built-in microphones on laptops generally suck not to put too fine a point on it. They’re generally afterthoughts and if they don’t pick up the sound of the cooling fan, it’s because they’ve been processed not to and the processing distorts the voice.

That’s exactly the kind of damage that can mess up software trying to take your voice apart and put it back together again. We do not have microphone recommendations. That is also a problem audiobook readers have.

This voice recording stuff isn’t easy.


There is another problem. Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. It’s all post-processing. Record something perfectly and then mess with it.


Somebody else recently had a voice converter that wasn’t dreadful.



I may be on the wrong machine.

There was a gamer that came up with a passable voice changer by accident. His goal was a troglodyte or some other adventure character and found he could slide his voice up a down a little without destroying it. Surprised him and everybody else.

This might take a while.