need some help with VOX

Okay guys here’s the lowdown: I have been using audacity for quite some time now and although I’m not a pro at it, I have the basics down for basic recording. Right now I have an Audio Technica at2020, a pop filter, and a mic stand setup that I put together in my walk in closet. Not the best conditions, I know, but I’m a broke college student trying to make music so bear with me here.

My issue is that I actually get decent vocals after messing with them for a little bit-after compressing, equalization, etc. But for some reason the VOX are muffled and scratchy when I turn them up so they can flow with the beat (I’m recording rap VOX). I checked the box in the preferences section for overdubbing and still the same thing. I also tried messing with the mic levels and when I turn them down on audacity, they are wayyyy tooo low. Even when they’re turned up they’re still pretty distorted and not in the cool effects way.

I honestly have nowhere else to turn so I figured hopefully some of the vets on here can steer me in the right direction. My goal is just to get decent recordings that sound good enough to the average listener without them saying, “These vocals are shitty. I’m turning this bullshit off RIGHT NOW”.

If you need additional info just ask. Thanks yall.

I believe what is happening is my recordings are clipping. I just learned the term… This has to be what’s causing the distortion at high volume.