Need slight change to TRUNCATE SILENCE effect

The truncate effect currently clips ALL silence that falls within the set parameters, which may, at times, remove silences that are a crucial part of the melody.
We need a switch to specify Truncate All silences or Truncate Start-end only. This feature would be a godsend for radio streamers using autodj protocols with rudimentary crossover routines that don’t have a proper trunctate feature , causing the crossover to be applied to silence… :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is an example of the type of control I’m talking about;

(Source; Sam Broadcaster)

I wrote a plug-in for that: Trim Silence.
It’s quite old, but will hopefully still work with recent versions of Audacity.

You should also be able to use it (once it is installed in Audacity) for batch processing.

Works beautifully… Since we’re getting close, I’ll consider this a X-Mas gift… Thank you Merry much ♫

Would be nice if that could be concinnated with the native plugin and a mode switch added to the menu… Wishful thinking!

Glad to hear that it still works :slight_smile:

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