Need help with vocals delay in headphone

Hello everyone!

I’m new here and also new to the world of recording. I recently purchased a new Blue Yeti USB Microphone to record vocals at home for fun. I run into some problems with my voice that I’m hearing on my Headphones. It has a short delay and it is disrupting my singing. I have been doing some research on Google and it apparently has something to do with latency? I’m not sure what is that and I think I’ve pretty much followed all sorts of settings I have to do on Audacity but me not understanding anything doesn’t help at all lol I’m looking for any kind souls to help me sync my vocals with what I’m hearing on my headphones, I would really appreciate it!

I’m using the Audacity 3.0.2 and my microphone is Blue Yeti and my headphones is Sony wh1000xm4
My configuration is, I have the cable from my microphone to the computer and my headphones cable to the computer

I record my singing with a karaoke track that I download from Youtube for my singing lessons

Thank you in advance for your help!


Yes. Because of buffering and other processing, there will always be latency when going through a computer.

The solution is to plug your headphones directly into your Yeti and monitor your voice there. See: Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing

This may or may not work for your particular model. (Have you ever worn two sets of headphones at the same time?)

It turned out to be easier than I thought, thanks a lot.

Plug your headphones into the Yeti (on the bottom). Set the Yeti as both record and playback in Audacity. Turn off Playthrough in Audacity.

The Yeti should mix the backing track with the live performance giving you perfect theatrical overdubbing.

You set Audacity Recording Latency by recording the headphone sound in the microphone…

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 07.05.11.png
…and adjust Audacity until the recording latency is gone. This is all covered in the overdubbing tutorial.


Please note that the “front” of a Yeti is the side grill just up from the company name.

You don’t talk or sing into the rounded top.