Need help with static noise and latency

I am using a Spark Mini amp on windows 10 pc and using Audacity at the “DAW”
When I record guitar ONLY there is no latency and no static noise
When I import a track I want to play over (along with) when I play it back there is a lot of static noise and about a .25 second latency.

I am a NOVICE with recording so please explain what I need to do like I am 5 years old lol

I really just want to be able to record over an imported track (like a metallica song) and play over it, adding my own things and need to know what exactly to do so I can get rid of the static and the latency.

Again, when I simpley connect the guitar and record, it is crystal clear and no latency when playing it back. Only when I import a song and record over and play back. No noise or latency is noticeable until I play it back.

  1. I don’t know if you are trying to but do NOT use Bluetooth for anything when you are trying to overdub.

  2. There is always going to be latency - this is a given for a general purpose computer trying to do audio - unless you use ASIO which Audacity does not support out of the box. Do NOT use Software playthrough to monitor what you are doing.

  3. It is possible that your static noise may be reduced by by increasing the buffer size (which will also increase latency).

The amp I’m using is connected directly to the pc via usb c, and as I said when I record without a track and play it back there’s no latency and no static. Only when I play over an imported track and listen back is when that occurs.

So that addresses (1). How about (2) and (3) ?

Not sure what you mean by that…I am not using ASIO - the spark amp appears as an option to select.

I can try the buffer but it is the static that is annoying since it doesn’t do that when I just play guitar only and listen back

thank you erkeklerin yeri

Well, let me think about this… Hmm. static; let me see…

Oh, I know. Did you try increasing the buffer size ?

Edit > Preferences > Audio Settings > Buffer Length. Try doubling whatever you have there.

Any chance of not being a dick? I clearly said I had NO Experience with this and you are talking to me as if I am familiar. Thanks for nothing, douche nozzle.

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