Need Help with Manually Recovering Temp Files


I’m new to Audacity and I’m afraid I just did something quite stupid :blush: I exported several recordings as MP3s, but when I attempted to play them back, to my surprise, nothing was there. Woops! Guess I should have saved them in Audacity first, huh? Anyway…then I got the following message:

“Audacity found temporary files that were not deleted or saved the last time you used Audacity. Audacity can’t recover them automatically, but if you choose not to delete them, you can recover them manually”. Then, “Delete temporary files? Yes/No”, to which I responded, “No”.

I don’t know if these temporary files are the recordings that didn’t export as MP3s or not, but it’s worth a try, I suppose, trying to recover them just in case. Only question is, how? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Hmm…can’t figure this out at all. Experimented with Audacity by recording something, doing a “save as” (to create an .aup), then exporting as an MP3. And guess what, the MP3 had nothing in it! :astonished: Then I did another recording and exported as an MP3 without first saving as an .aup & guess what? This time, it worked & the MP3 had something in it! :open_mouth: Anyone know what’s going on here? :cry:

<<<Experimented with Audacity by recording something,>>>

Everybody always whizzes right by this step and it’s really important. Were you personally performing on a guitar in front of a microphone to get these shows?


Hi Koz:

Thank you for your reply. Guess I had to learn the hard way. But at least now I won’t make the same mistake twice (maybe! :slight_smile:) But to answer your question…no, I was pronouncing words, with each word being a separate file. I’m starting to wonder now if I might not be doing this in the most efficient manner possible. That is, recording each word, saving it, then exporting it. Seems very labor intensive, but maybe there’s no other way.


Have a look in the tutorials (link at top of page) and find the tutorial about recording vinyl and cassettes. There is a bit in there about “splitting tracks” and “Export Multiple” which I think may be useful.

If you are using Vista you will probably find that Audacity 1.3 works better than the old 1.2 version.