Need help with G.711 8 khz 8 bit mono u-law wav file

Hi. And thanks for reading.

If anyone knows how to convert a regular .wav file into the above description, I’m desperate for help. I looked up directions in Audacity. It says to go to Edit then Preferences then File Formats but ‘File Formats’ is nowhere to be seen. I think I could figure this out on my own if I could find file formats but perhaps they changed the list options. I have a job waiting for me and I cannot figure out how to convert these.

Needed: G.711 (CCITT) 8 kHz 8 bit mono u-law wav file

Thank you.

You may be in the wrong Audacity.

You can get Audacity 2.1.3 from here and then install the FFMpeg add-on software (scroll down).

When you get that far, File > Export Audio > File Type: Custom FFMpeg Export > Open Custom FFMpeg Export Options.

I see G722, G723 and G726 option, but not G711.


Here’s an old forum post.