Need help with click removal


My digital camera is adding clicks to the audio when I use it to record videos. I think it is the autofocus and or the zoom lever. I’ve tried repair and click removal but couldn’t get them to work. I’ve looked at this page too:

I am wondering if someone more experienced with the software could take a look at the audio file and tell me the best way to get rid of this type of click.

Thanks in advance …

The clicks occur in a lot of different frequency bands.

You could try Noise Reduction - you are going to have to do that anyway. You could select and Effect > Repeat a click noise to make it long enough for a Noise Profile.

I can get the background very quiet that way if after a first pass of Noise Reduction I reselect some residual clicks and make those a Noise Profile.

But we don’t know what other audio is there apart from the clicks. The danger is always removing or damaging audio you want to keep.

I am not an audio engineer. Probably one of those will have some input.