Need help with bass & guitar separation

Hello !

I need help.

I have a stereo track. Only 2 instruments are playing: a guitar and a bass.

The left channel is…maybe 65% bass and 35% guitar.
The right channel is maybe 90% guitar and 10% bass.

So the instruments are quite separated, but I want to try to achieve a higher degree of isolation of the bass than just splitting the stereo tracks into 2 mono.

I want to isolate the bass, to recover as much as possible of clean bass sound.

I did some atemtps with effects->invert and mix…but I could not find how to test different % of mixes. I tried also with vocal remover, and with noise profile but I am not an expert and I did not have much success.

Can anyone give me a good procedure based on this stereo track that I explained ?


There is way to much frequency overlap. A bass goes one octave lower, but most notes played on a bass can also be played on a guitar. And, the bass and guitar both have higher-frequency harmonics. Most instruments & vocals cover most of the audible audio range. Of course you can isolate left & right and there some “center-channel” vocal removal & isolation tricks, but in general - You can’t un-fry an egg or un-bake a cake, and you can’t un-mix sound."

The whole idea of multi-track recording is to record everything separately so the individual tracks can be recorded & edited separately and then mixed as desired.