need help to find/save file [SOLVED]

I recorded over 3 hours music from md player to audacity. I don’t know how to go from here. the music is there, I can play it. but when I try to save it, it would not let me (giving error message). Now I can’t even close this, because it will ask me if I want to save, and then says it cannot do it. It took over 3 hours to record it, so I also don’t want to just quit and lose it. Is there a place I can find the file? I spend so much time trying to figure this out… Thank you for help! Maybe I should start with a project or something instead of just starting recording, but the music is there, it just doesn’t let me save it

Did you install Audacity according to the directions on the download page?
Are you running it from the DMG (you shouldn’t)? See This help message at the top of this forum.
Are you trying to save the project to the DMG? What is the exact error message?
What version of Audacity and what version of OS X?
We need to know all these things before we can help you.
– Bill

thank you for help! I downloaded the right one ( had 1.3.14 so it wasn’t right) and ran a test and it worked! thanks again!