Need Help Recovering File I Did Not Save

Hi. I am using Audacity Version 2.1.1 on Windows 10. After using Audacity for the last 5 years, I made the mistake of deleting an audio file that I had just recorded. After I deleted it, I then quit Audacity. I simply was not thinking! I attempted to recover the files using the instructions found here: BUT, when I clicked on Import > Audio, I could not see any temporary folder anywhere on the list. In fact, I could not locate a folder for temporary Audacity files on my system. I am not a PC novice by any stretch, but I don’t think the instructions provided by the link above are specific enough. For example, notice how there is a green box explaining how to find the temporary folder on a Mac, but there is no such instructions for locating the temp files on a Windows PC? If there is a way to get these files back, I would truly appreciate anyone’s help. This work happens to be for a client of mine…which figures! Thanks!

I think once you close Audacity gracefully (not crash), that’s the end of the temporary files. Well-behaved programs clean up after themselves. There are “UnDelete” programs, but I’ve never seen one for Win10 (doesn’t mean there isn’t one).

UnDelete only works when you have not done anything else at all to your machine since the mistake. The first time you open a program or do any work at all, Windows may step on the old work. “Deleted” space just means it’s available for other jobs. If you start other jobs…

You should start planning what would happen if the show doesn’t come back.


Exactly what did you delete - the saved AUP file ? If so then you have to recover from the _data folder that has the same name as the AUP file.

I agree that was a problem but it’s been fixed for the next release of Audacity. See That only shows the default temp directory. See Edit, Preferences then “Directories” for where your temp folder actually is.