Need help recording from a pioneer DJM-900nxs2

if anyone has the djm 900nxs2 ans is avle to record through audacity can you get in touch please!

It would help if you could state exactly what inputs you have connected to the mixer and what exactly the problem is.


And describe the computer. Do you have a blue “Stereo Line-In” socket?


Audacity does not offer one-to-one help. Only what happens here on the forum.


You might have to record via an analog connection to your soundcard…

I don’t own one, but I found the user manual online.

The user manual doesn’t say anything about recording via the USB port. I also found something about ASIO drivers, but nothing about regular Windows drivers… Audacity (as distributed) is not an ASIO application and it only works with regular Windows drivers. I assume the ASIO drivers are intended to be used with the software supplied with the mixer.

Right-click on the Windows speaker/volume icon. Select Recording Devices and see if your Pioneer shows-up as a recording device … It may show-up with a different name, but it should say “USB something…” If Windows doesn’t see it, Audacity won’t see it and you’ll have to record analog. If Windows sees it, open Audacity and try to select it as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

With Audacity, you can record (analog) to the line-inputs on your soundcard. If you’re using a laptop with only a mic input, you’ll need a USB audio interface with line inputs. (The [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] is popular and affordable.) Of course, you’ll need a couple of [u]Y-Adapters[/u] to connect your amplifier and the interface at that same time.

I have the usb going from the laptop to the mixer and then phono’s from the recording out on the mixer to the 3.5mm on the laptop. Not quite sure what I need to do in regards to the laptop. Had it working its my Mac but can’t seem to figure it out on this

If you have an older Mac or a current Mac Mini, you have a Stereo Line-In connection as a normal part of the machine. Stereo music recording with one of these is a snap and I do it on a regular basis.

If you upgraded to a Windows laptop, you may be able to manage settings and get existing connections to work.

But chances are terrific you have no such connection and may have to “make” one. I use a Behringer UCA-202 and appropriate cable from my mixer in this case.

The UCA-202 is pretty plain—no special drivers—and should work on all three computer types with no fuss.


If you do go this way, please note Audacity checks for connections when it starts. So plug the Behringer in, wait a bit and start or restart Audacity. You can also Transport > Rescan.


so windows is detecting the mixer in the usb, i just cant seem to get it to pick up any sound

You said you had connected from the recording out of the mixer to the 3.5mm input of the computer. If that input is really a Line In for strong signals, coloured blue and separate from the pink mic input, then you want to choose the Line In (not any USB device) as the “Recording Device” in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

If that 3.5 mm input is only a mic input meant for computer microphones, it is unsuitable for connecting from your mixer. If the mixer does not send audio over USB you will in that case need to buy the Behringer UCA 202 or similar USB interface, connect the mixer to the interface, then set Audacity to record from the interface.


i just cant seem to get it to pick up any sound

In Windows? Audacity gets its sound from Windows. You should be able to get the little Windows sound meters to bounce when you perform. You can leave Audacity closed until you get that far.