Need help opening Blockfish!

I have been at this all night. There doesn’t seem to be a trouble shooting guide to cover it. I have the bridge that lets me use plugins. I got the .dlls and put them in the plugin folder. Spitfish is there and works. Nothing I do gets Blockfish to show up. I also know about the error where it might show up under a different name like insert or inst2. This is not the case. It just isn’t in my effects list.

I have windows 7 and audacity 2.0.3

Please help.

Don’t use the “VST bridge”. That is only for old (obsolete) versions of Audacity. You should remove that from your system.

The current version of Audacity is 2.0.5. You can get it here:
Updating is highly recommended as there have been recent improvements to VST support.

Instructions for installing VST effects are here: