Need help making a masking sound for tinnitus.

I’m suffering from tinnitus but I’m unable to identify it’s correct frequency, sometimes it sounds like a single tone, but when I cycle through many single tones, tinnitus always sounds different and it has a slight hiss too.

This is not allowing me to sleep, I went to a doctor but they were unable to identify anything wrong with my ear which could cause it. I’m wondering how can I make a masking sound to mask the sound of tinnitus, I read a thread here where a person detailed how he came up with a masking sound for tinnitus with audacity but they haven’t mentioned the method here and in the outgoing link also they haven’t detailed how they came up with it.

I don’t know if it’s the same user, but I read an old thread in which they used low level (played quietly) “White Noise” (See: to which they applied the “Notch Filter” (see: with the frequency set to the problematic range.

Thanks for this information, I’ll check it. My tinnitus always seems to be at a higher processing level, because regardless of the noise level of the audio source, I’m always able to perceive tinnitus.

As I understand it, the idea of playing a “masking” noise is not to stop or cure the tinnitus, but to make it less distracting / more comfortable so that you can ignore it more easily (and sleep at night).