need help how to record and then burn cd from vinyl LP

Hello Audacity forum,
Just joined.
I have been given a Lenoxx TT500 turntable and cassette player as a gift, that connects to my pc via usb (supplied with player). Audacity is the supplied software. My computer uses Windows XP.
I have tried recording an LP record following the manual instructions.
The tracks appeared to be sent to the computer as the signal line?? was moving and the music was making it widen and pulse etc (sorry I am largely computer and tech illiterate) and the disc space for recording counter was reducing as the LP played.

My questions are
1 I cannot find where the recording has gone on the computer, should I have made a file first and if so how do I do that?
2 How do I then transfer the file for burning to cd via either I-tunes or Nero, the two programs that I have on my computer?

I have read & re-read the instruction manual and looked at faqs, but cannot find any answers or none that I can at least understand. Possibly these questions/answers are in one of the forum topics already, but it seems to me that most discussions are for people who know how to use the system and are conversant with the tech talk etc.

If possible could someone please give me simple laymans instructions on what to do?

I only want to convert and burn LPs and cassettes, and am not interested in any special effects or things of that nature.

Many thanks for your time, any help would be greatly appreciated,

You can make a stand-alone sound file in two steps. Step one is the capture step where your red recording sound meters bounce and the blue waves build themselves on the timeline. You got that nailed already. When you get to the end of the record, press Stop.

File > Export: WAV (Microsoft)… Pick a name with no punctuation marks. Like use the ISO form of date like this: 2014-03-06 (Dashes and underline are OK).

Pick a common place to save on your computer like your desktop. When the sound file arrives, right-click on it > Open With > iTunes.

Follow the iTunes instructions for burning an Audio CD.

You can get enormously more complicated than that, but that’s the straight-line path. Please note that you may not hear a thing through this whole operation. Windows handles USB turntables a little wacky. After you get far enough along, you can unplug the turntable and the speakers or headphones should come back.

There are complicated ways to do that in settings.


Get a good hot cup of herbal tea and crank through our instructions.


Thanks Koz, sorry for the long delay in replying.
Your directions worked just right.
I also returned to the manual and found the same answer straight away!
I must have bgeen looking at the wrong stuff…seriously wrong stuff, before! Don’t know where in the manual or how I managed to mistake it for the basic instructions.
Many thanks again for your help.
I now have another easy to solve( I hope) question.
I have successfully recorded and LP vinyl record to cd but all the songs are a continuation of track 1
How do I “split” the songs into the seperate tracks on the cd?
Is this the label tracks feature?
This time I have read the right part of the manual but am just a bit confused about how this part is done.
Also I cannot transfer the audacity file to either I-tunes or Nero but my computer sends the file to windows media player by itself for some reason!
I don’t really care about this as I can now at least do what I want to which is burn lp’s to cd, and big deal what burn program the computer wants to use!!)
Hope you can help with this one last question.
again sincere thanks for your help, I know that this is all basic stuff but if could could again explain the process I would really be grateful,