Need help getting rid of large noise spikes.

I get large narrow line noise spikes of high amplitude continuously along me track. I’m using Presonus Audiobox USB interface to record a guitar. I get them wether I try to record guitar with mike, or guitar cord directly to box, or with nothing plugged in to the box at all. Just sitting without playing at all hooked up or not to box there are the spikes. Getting frustrated. Can anyone help me with this. I think since I get them without any inputs to the Audiobox I have eliminated the guitar, mike, cable, and my guitar amp. They have a clicking sound and are random noise.

Are you connected through a USB hub? Audio doesn’t much like doing that. The non-audio connections interrupt the sound and it appears pretty much like what you have. Audio equipment needs to be computer home runs.


No hub, just one cable. I didn’t solve but did get rid of spikes when I replaced the Audiobox with a Digitech RP300. Kept same cables, guitar, etc. the same. I could record fine with the RP300. The reason I bought the Audiobox was because I wanted to record my guitar using a mike in front of an amplifier. I’m a beginner and was told the sound quality would be so much better thru a mike. Is this the case. If not I will just return the Audiobox and just use the RP300. If not I’m still gonna need to figure out the spike issue. Maybe it is the Audiobox??? Please more suggestions or things to try would be greatly appreciated.

You didn’t say so, but you are now recording your guitar direct from a cable rather than a microphone.

Most guitar sounds are half-and-half guitar and speaker cabinet. The guitar by itself tends to sound flat and cheap. You’re also missing the cabinet special effects if you use any of those.

So yes, if you have a quiet, echo-free room, miking the cabinet is a good way to go. However, as you found, that introduces working a microphone problems. Not all microphones can stand up to the high volume of a guitar cabinet, etc.


This is the Michrophone that I purchased especially for this. I was wrong about the model of the Digitech device I ended up using because the Mike setup and the Presonus Audiobox usb that I wanted to use but gives me the spikes. I would love to use the setup with the Mike if I can get this figured out. The Digitech I have to use instead right now is a model RP355 It models something like 70 amps. Just like the Presonus Audiobox it has a usb to the computer for the recording but nothing for microphones. Do ya think it is the Presonus Audiobox that is causing the noise since it always has to be in the picture to get them? I’m about ready to send it back if I can’t get this. Thanks so much for help with this. Is there any plug ins or settings that can take care of it but really it should not do and I should probably replace I guess.

Yes. I am using usb for now just to be able to record and while troubleshooting this issue because I can carry the box into the living room and work on it at night without the amp and mike. Just the headphones. Wife can get some sleep. Lol I changed the bit setting from 32 bit float to 24 and it helped a ton. The spikes are not every second or so but can as long as 10 sec. or so before I get them. Wanted to work on it this morning but I keep getting the Audacity will not respond message for some reason.

Found out what the problem was. A noisy pc battery charger. Unplugged the charger while recording. Spikes are gone. Thanks for the help.

“Spikes” are unusual - “Noise” from the battery charger is very common (usually a kind of high pitched electronic whistling sound).
It could be useful for others diagnosing the same problem if you could post a screenshot of a track with the spikes. Could you do that? There is a “Screenshot Tool” in the Audacity “Help” menu that will take a screenshot of a track (Audacity Manual)
How to add the picture to your post is described here:

I guess I was too fast to decide that was the issue, although it sure seemed like it. I didn’t get time to try to record again until yesterday and the spikes are back again. I’m in the process of trying to use my other USB port on my laptop. Windows is not recognizing the device and I need to figure that out first. I’ve got Geeksquad so gonna get them to fix that issue, then will re-try on that other port. I’ll let ya know if that fixes it.