Need help for removing of short high pitched noise from a song

Hello everyone of the audiacity forum,

I have bought a song from iTunes that I like to play on my phone but I found that have a timed, short and very high pitched noise that is bleeding my ears and makes this song unplayable for me.

Unfortunally the noise is present even on the “unofficial” reoploads of said song on youtube, so the song itself have this horrible pitch.

I have tryed to remove this noise but I cannot find the exact frequency this son of gun is hiding, I need help from you, the audiacity community, to remove that.

I have attached the sample of the song with the noise.

Some info that I have about this noise:

There is a peak at 14,701Hz , (visible on the spectrogram, but anyone over 40 will not be able to hear it).

thar she blows.png
it's alive.gif
Notch filter can remove all of them in one pass …
notch it out.png

Trebor, you are an audiophile sniper. The high pitch is gone and dead, thank you very much! Really.

Also thank you for the puns in the file names.

Are you implying that I have a very sensible hearing? (No offense taken)

Depends on your age: teenagers can hear up to ~18kHz.
but middle-aged people are only going to hear up to ~14kHz.

This is interesting, thank you for the information Trebor.

My issue is solved, this topic can be closed.