need help editing species sound effects.

In my project, I’m trying to edit these audio clips of animal sounds. I want to make them sound like they are coming from a person. Obviously changing the pitch helps, but I feel like I’m losing something in the sound when I just change that. I’m looking for advice when it comes to this sort of thing.

For example, original cow sound is a deep “Moo” but if I just change the pitch I get an “ooooh” is there any other tool that might help? or am I just screwing this up to begin with? Thank you

Vocoding the voice with the animal sound ? …

mda Talkbox is a free Vocoder plugin,
IMO better than Audacity’s native vocoder if you want processed speech to be comprehensible.

No, I’m taking the sounds from a gamefile that don’t seem to be from the real thing. It is all digital.

The only other option I can think of, other than vocoder, is an envelope-follower,
e.g. …