Need help creating frequency tone track with subliminals

Using Audacity 3.2.0
Sure I could go through the painstaking long path of reading manual and working this out on my own but wondering if someone would be willing to give me a quick tutorial on how to make a tone frequency (as in solfeggio) track, possibly adding subliminals in my own voice if reasonably doable. Wanting one or two tracks with 19 total frequencies at 15 minutes a frequency. If using subliminals, just want to use like seven to ten affirmations and repeat them over and over. Is this doable? If so, could someone send me a quick tutorial or walk me through on twitter or other platform?

Thank you

A little more “goal” would be good. Subliminal is pretty simple.

“Give Up Smoking.”

After decades of fighting it, I believe we even have a process for that now. What do the tones do? Sometimes the stated requirements of the project and the desired goals are different. We can help best when we know everything.


Oh, and we’re not likely to go off to other platforms. The goal of the forum is to help as many different people as possible. Sometimes, we reference answers we gave other people to solve similar problems.

Yet another reason to need to know exactly what you’re doing.


A single audio tone of constant frequency (pitch) is not capable of transmitting comprehensible speech.
Need at least 3 sine waves of varying frequency, and you have develop an ear to understand …

My apologies for taking so long to reply. I was talking about something along the lines as this?
But I don’t want to use the traditional solfeggios as I never really thought they worked. I want to use what is referred to as the Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and a couple other frequencies that I found some promise with. I made a similar one like this using Audacity many years ago but just forgot how to do it. Though I would love to add about seven to ten subliminals running throughout, that isn’t a necessity for me. Just a nice bonus if easily done. The goal is to use this exported mp3 track to go to sleep with at night. It will be about 9 frequencies at 15 minutes each. Maybe one track with each tone separately and maybe another one with all of them layered on top of each other running at once. Possible?

Thank you

So the tones are clearly audible, and are in addition to your voice, (rather than used to carry your voice).
Audcaity’s generate-tone function can create pure sine tones.
You could add new tracks with a different tone on each track, along with a vocal track.

[There is a Binaural-beat plugin for Audacity which may be of interest …]

That kind of didn’t make sense to me, unfortunately. So how do you make a track with several different tones (like the YouTube one) on the same track, going from one tone to the other? And how would you add affirmations to that?
Could you maybe explain like you were explaining to a kindergartner?


There’s more than one way to skin a cat, this is one way to do it …
4 tracks mixed down to 1.gif

Ok, so I got the tracks recorded. Could you give me a step by step to record a subliminal track with five-to-seven affirmations, loop it to play continuously through the whole master track, find the right inaudible yet effective volume for the subliminals? Thanks

I can only replicate the audible. For inaudible any old silence will do …

So how do you actually record the track?

So how do you actually record the track?

Record what? The affirmations?

If you have a laptop with a microphone you can select the mic as your recording device and then click the red Record button. If you don’t have a laptop you’ll need to plug a mic into your soundcard.