Need help connecting TASCAM US-1800 to Audacity

Using windows 7 on my Dell laptop. TASCAM US 1800 interface. How do I connect the interface with Audacity? I’ve looked under devices and preferences and haven’t seen options for connecting an interface. Thanks.

That’s a large, multi-channel USB-2 interface. I bet you’ll need to use the Cubase LE program that came with your product to do capture – or at least the software drivers. Chances are the standard Windows drivers aren’t going to do it, or at worst, you’ll only get the first two channels. Not all of them.

The other possibility is to prepare Audacity with the ASIO software, but I’m guessing there. I’m searching for the ASIO instructions…


The general advice for using external interfaces with Audacity is to ensure that the device is connected to the computer and recognised by Windows before you open Audacity.


Would love to hear how you get on using the interface with Audacity - I`ve looked at the same interface but have not yet taken the plunge of buying it. Please keep us posted on your efforts.