Need Help Capturing Audio with My USB Mixer and Video with My Laptop's Camera along with Imported Tracks

I wish to record a video of myself playing the piano while I sing along with imported tracks of background vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and metronome. I need the metronome track because the other instruments come in halfway through the song. After I’m finished recording, I wish to remove the metronome track. How can I capture live video with my laptop’s camera in audacity along with the live and imported audio, and after I remove the metronome track, export the entire project as a video file?

Audacity has no video tools. The closest we can get is creating a sound file and marry it to video in a video editor.

You can do a little magic shuffling. Make a good music background or bed. Copy it to a second bed with a different name. Edit that second bed to include the metronome track. Use that bed in Audacity Overdubbing mode to capture the live performance. Then remove the metronome bed and put in the clean bed. Mix and render to a finished show.

You need the two different beds because Audacity can’t split a mixed performance up into individual instruments, voices, or sounds. Once you mix, you’re stuck.


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