NEED HELP - Automatic Crash Recovery!

i’m new to audacity, please keep that in mind when providing instructions…

this has happened several times now.

computer (macbook pro retina, 0s 10.11.4) locked up.

pop-up window shows:
some projects were not saved properly the last time audacity was run.
fortunately, the following projects can be automatically recovered.

after recovery, save the project to save the changes to disk.
quit audacity discard projects recover projects

on previous occasions, i have highlighted the title and clicked recover.

when audacity returns, the file is unrecoverable, and lost!

please advise. (let me know if you need further information.

thank you.

The MBP didn’t lock up, Audacity locked up.

What’s the show and how long is it? “I’m recording my podcast with a Yeti USB mic and it’s fifteen minutes long.”

Which Audacity (Audacity > About Audacity) and did you get it from here:


i never had an opportunity to save it. :frowning:
it was about 1 hour long.

i did download from that link.
i’m not sure which audacity… i can’t see it with the recovery box still up. and i’m reluctant to click quit, discard, or recover as none of those have every helped in the past.

i was told to only use force quit, but the computer shut down and restarted on its own.
i froze when i opened pages.

We have to build your system in our imaginations to visualize what might be wrong. So the more detail the better. Spoke word? USB microphone?

the computer shut down and restarted on its own.

So the MacBook Pro did crash. That’s serious. It’s pretty hard to make a Mac fall over. Did you get the opening “Chong” when it started?


What exactly happens? Do you see the correct length of audio, but the audio is only a flat line?

If the Mac crashed and you never saved as an Audacity project then unfortunately the audio is probably lost for ever, because the audio will be in Audacity’s temp folder, but the Mac will wipe that folder when it restarts (if it’s working well enough to do that).

That’s unless you are using a recent Audacity 2.1.3-alpha where we changed the temporary directory to a location that won’t get cleaned up on reboot.

Have you tried resetting the SMC or running Disk Utility’s “Repair” to fix the Mac crashing?


oy! so much to learn!

here’s the best i can do:

started audacity.
opened new file and pressed record.
switched over to pages to type notes while taping.
mbp (look! i learned new lingo!) froze up. couldn’t do anything.
let audacity run in background (perhaps?).
placed computer in case and reopened about 2 hrs later.
did not hear any chong. (prob wouldn’t have recognized chong anyway…)
pop-up box indicated computer automatically restarted. don’t remember exact words.

automatic crash recover box appeared.
clicked recover projects.
audio wave appeared as a straight line.
no audio at all.

looked at show log.
called geek squad. not able to retrieve.
went to best buy. not able to retrieve.

did not reset smc. don’t know what that is or where to find it.
did not run disk utility’s repair, either.

so… here i am now.

it’s too late for this file, i believe, but any pointers for future events would be appreciated.
this is the 4th time this has happened.

just speak slowly. lol!

The link I posted shows you how to reset SMC.

You should definitely run Disk Utility. Open a Finder window, click Applications in the sidebar, double-click the Utilities folder, and double-click Disk Utility to open it. Use the “First Aid” option in Disk Utility.

Pages is an Apple application. Contact Apple Support.

As I said, this is expected if you never saved the project then have to reboot the computer.

I suggest using File > Save Project As… in the Audacity menu bar before you start recording. This creates an empty project but the important thing is that when you record, you will be recording into the project rather than into temporary space that the Mac will clean up when it reboots.

Make sure you save project to your Music folder or somewhere else in your own users folder. You may need to change the save location to do that.


Do you remember buying “AppleCare” when you bought your Mac? Are you close to an Apple Store?

You appear to be having serious Mac machine problems. That’s those reset instructions. These aren’t beginner problems and you may have show problems later if you don’t resolve them.

Do you know somebody with a Mac?


i did buy apple care.

sad to say… they have NEVER provided any help.
just keep telling me to look things up on google! for real!

not really pleased with apple products or apple support. (at least not yet. still learning. came from a long history of pc.)
do love geek squad, tho…

i know a few people with macs, but none of them use audacity.

thanks to everyone for help! you guys are great!!! :slight_smile:

i know a few people with macs

Forget Audacity for now. Those are the people to ask about resetting your SMC and checking your hard drive for errors.

It’s normally super hard to crash a Mac. If you didn’t have any trouble doing it, it’s a good bet your Mac is in trouble.

First layer of testing is the Chong sound when you restart. Do you get that? Apple (upper left) > Restart > Restart.

The chime tone is the Mac testing itself before it lights up the screen.


Yes! It chonged!
Now what?

Now you take one of your Mac friends to lunch and get them to reset your SMC and check your hard drive.


Lol! :smiley:

Thanks for the help, my Mac friends!
I owe you all a cup of virtual coffee!