Need Help - 180 degree phase shift - 180 Phase Reduction

I produced a Tone 8040, and now I need to create a 180-degree phase shift or reduction.

I am familiar with the Nyquist prompt because I made this 8040 sequence on/off sequence. (mult 1 (hzosc 2) (hzosc 8040))

But I don’t know how to do this 180 Phase Shift. I’m very new at this.


Choose the pieces of this you need.

I generated a sine wave tone.

Duplicated it (now I have two identical racks).

Select the bottom track. Effect > Invert.

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 11.43.30.png
Had you picked any other shift than 180, this would fail. Invert and 180 are the same thing.

You might state the problem wrong. If you need to delay one with respect to the other until 180 is achieved, that’s different.

Also, if you need to apply effects in a special way, that could be different.


Thank you, wow, so fast, very grateful.

You can also do a 180 degree phase shift by multiplying by -1

(mult -1 (hzosc 2) (hzosc 8040))

HZOSC has two optional parameters (“arguments”); “table” and “phase” (see:
They are positional arguments, so to use “phase” you also have to provide “table”.

The default wavetable used by HZOSC (and “OSC”) is sine-table.


Generate a 440 Hz sine table with default phase:

(hzosc 440)

which is equivalent to:

(hzosc 440 *sine-table*)

and also equivalent to:

(hzosc 440 *sine-table* 0)

To generate the 440 Hz tone, but with a phase shift of 45 degrees:

(hzosc 440 *sine-table* 45)

Just for information, the “1” in that code is redundant. (multiplying by one effectively does nothing).
This will produce exactly the same result:

(mult (hzosc 2) (hzosc 8040))

Steve wrote:

Just for information, the “1” in that code is redundant. (multiplying by one effectively does nothing).

Correct. X1 will do nothing but when other number and/or a negative sign is used, amplitude and phase can be controlled.
Nice way to do multiple things in one line.

Using “1” to generate a tone on one track and “-1” on another then mixing them together, produces zero,
which means they are 180 degrees out of phase with each other.