Need Guidance on Wet gain and Dry gain in Reverb

I am trying to adjust the wet gain and dry gain in Tal Reverb II plugin.

Is there some trick, or rule of thumb on how to adjust them?

You should post to the TAL web site or forum if there is one.

Step one is always get a good sound system or good headphones so you can hear what you’re doing. Audio does not work by “push this button and everything is OK.” You usually have to tune the work while listening.

Which brings us to “Wet” and “Dry.” That’s usually the mix between music with the effect and music without. That’s it. The result depends totally on what you’re trying to achieve and the client or audience.

Sometimes I run the controls up and down all the way (one at a time) on an unknown effect and see what happens. Some special effects like Noise Reduction have settings that interact, so that process doesn’t always work well. If the tool has default settings, write those down and use those for a baseline to mess with the sliders.


Audacity doesn’t allow you to adjust the parameters of an effect while it’s playing, (people have asked).
However you can vary the wet/dry ratio in real-time by making two identical in-sync tracks and only applying the effect to one.
Then by varying the levels of these tracks whilst playing you can adjust the wet/dry ratio in real-time.

Then what? You arrive at a good mixture and you want to create the finished track. Koz

Export will automatically mix all of the tracks in the project into one audio file.

Alternatively you can “pre-mix” the wet and dry tracks into one track while still in the Audacity Project. To do that, select both tracks, then from the “Tracks” menu use “Mix and Render”. This will take all of the selected tracks and combine them into one track. The “mixed” track is placed as the bottom most track in the project. If more than one track is selected the “mix track” will be given a track name “Mix”.