Need contact information for school district approval of your software

Hello - I was torn on whether to post here or in the education forum. Our school district used to install your software until recent legal changes with regard to child privacy required further vetting of software. After combing the I saw there is no contact email and I really need someone on your developer or contact team to fill out a form for us to move forward with re-installing. I used the email that came with this forum’s activation link ( but that is assuming it is a monitored email account.

This is a link to the form they want filled out . I hope someone can assist or direct me to someone who can help us move forward with the installation.

Audacity provides full license information on the main website:
Also the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template:

Audacity is free software, it collects no data, does not use the Internet, and requires no registration. Audacity runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. We have no paid staff able to sign forms, and no office, as Audacity is created, documented and supported by volunteers from around the world in their spare time.

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This is no longer the case. Audacity was acquired by a commercial company “muse group” in 2021. It now has Internet connectivity for updating the app, crash reporting, and uploading to

The privacy policy for the Audacity app has been updated and is available on the main Audacity website: Desktop Privacy Notice | Audacity ® has separate policies that may be found here: