Need advice on recreating a voice effect

If you go to this video at the 0:42 mark you’ll hear the words “Earthworm Jim.”

The exact same processing is used in the background at the end of the chorus of Hank Williams III’s song Smoke & Wine (chorus starts around the 0:40 mark, effect comes in around 0:49),

I am looking to reproduce this effect on some voiceover using Audacity, but I am a novice and have no idea where to start. I tried playing with pitch and tempo but was unsuccessful. I am hoping there might be a savvy user out there who can point me in the right direction to recreate that deep, modulated sound.

Thanks for your time!

Do you “do voices” (mimic / impersonations)?
Can you do this voice:

If so, then mimic that voice, then apply “Change Speed” with a speed multiplier of 0.5 (half speed).

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply! I gave that a try with the .wav you provided and a recording of my own but changing the speed by 0.5 does not create a noticeable difference from the original source. Changing the pitch seems to get closer to the desired result, but you’re right - it really depends on the source voice having a gravelly quality to it. Looks like I’ll have to do some practicing :mrgreen:

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After dropping the pitch , try ring modulator with a 30Hz triangular wave to add a gargly belchy quality.

Awesome, thank you Trebor!