Need Advice for the AT2020 with Audacity

So I’m a Voice Actor, and I’m currently using the AT2020 with a Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface Solo 3rd Gen as my setup, with I can record in Audacity just fine but I don’t know how to edit it to make it sound the best it possibly can, especially as I’ll be going for some big roles soon.

Your equipment is good so the next thing is a quiet, sound-absorbing “studio”. Editing would depend on what you’re trying to do. If you have a good recording of a good performance you may not need any effects.

Post some work.

We can guess at it, but there’s nothing quite like hearing an actual voice presentation.

Don’t do anything to it. Just shoot it, cut it to length, export it, and post it.

Do you have a nice quiet, echo-free room? We can’t take echoes and bare-room, wooden-floor sound out of a voice track. No effects and filters for that.

There is an explainer video series by a presenter who got the video exactly right. Good color, sharp, clear, excellent lighting, and terrific chroma-key backgrounds. When he starts talking he turns into a kid recording in a bathroom. You probably don’t want to sound like that.

The two desperation methods for conjuring a studio from nothing are an overstuffed garage and a Toyota.

Also see the Kitchen Table Sound Studio.

Many clothes closets are busy turning out audiobooks.