Need a little help please (WAV's Uploaded)

Hey, Ive been working on some music, using audacity as my software for recording/editing. A friend of mine gave me some beats to use etc…

Anyway Ive recorded but im looking for a way to clean things up, remove clipping distortion etc etc just make it sound better, more professional

Ive compressed and normalize -6db then used clipfix. Then hard limited to -5db and using the float guage for sound there are no longer red bars to indicate clipping…

Just looking few some pointers etc to help me make it sound better

Thanks, P4Killer

You need to not clip. Full Stop.

Clip Fix is only for occasional red bar clipping and even then it’s only guessing what the original music was. If that’s the intro for a killer dance/techno number (what it sounds like), then it’s eventually going to get a nuclear bass track added to it and the show will be permanently damaged.

The base (not bass) tracks should be clean and technically perfect before you do any volume compression, effects, density boosting or any of that. If you start at the beginning of the day with damaged tracks, then that’s a good as it’s ever going to get.

What kind of computer do you have and how is it connected to your music system? You posted in a portion of the forum where we can’t tell a thing about you. There are ways of connecting a Windows machine that cause serious musical problems.


Could try Steve’s limiter to compress the dynamic range …


The thing is my friend gave me the beat (if you will), an it sounded distorted already… he uses fruity loops, and FL studio. As for the vocals, obviously I use audacity and the Blues SnoBall. I am just really messing around so I didnt want to go full out an buy an interface and then a studio mic. The snoball is a usb interface, and there are several settings I can use to keep it clean-- mic wise. The beat or w.e just sounds a bit harsh in spots and I realize there’s not much I can do to fix that.

Im just wondering if theres anything I can do to better blend the vocals into the track, and avoid it sounding like so much of a lay over…

Really thanks for your help though I appreciate it,


I tried to use the limiter…

to put it simply, I have no idea what Im doing.

Using the limiter, compressor, normalize, leveller, etc etc.

I have read the manual, and different sources here and there, But I only really have the vaguest idea of what Im doing. My engineer friend really has too much going on and he doesnt really offer much help on the matter so I kina have to have a go at it myself an try an “produce” this track on my own. Ive been looking for guides etc etc on how to use this program an all of its tools… most of which are about to mix tracks ie:. use the timeshift tool and just very basic things like how to press play. I looked aroun the forum for stickies or pinned topics to read before asking before I posted asking questions…

anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks again

Compressors (and Steve’s limiter) reduce the dynamic range : they make the loud bits quieter and the quiet bits louder.

If you are looking for a particular effect you could post a Youtube link to an example, (the vocals on that type of music have weird effects applied to them).

most youtube videos are like Tpain effect… im just looking to blend more, instead a beat and vocals over it… more like a professional track removing noises, peaks, loud spots… just making it sound smoother…

trial and error obviously is key, but maybe a few tips on what can be done using audacity would help me to better focus my efforts instead of just click this and that