Need a guide on how to use the LAME Encoder in Audacity

Thats all, Using V.2.4.2

LAME is built into Audacity 2.4.2. It is used automatically when you export as MP3 (“File menu > Export > Export as MP3”).

Information about the available settings here:

i saw a section that let you export using an external program and i saw lame there, how can i use that?

Normally you wouldn’t.

IF you have a command line encoder installed on your computer, you can tell Audacity to use it with that option. This is useful if you have an encoder for a format that is not supported by Audacity’s encoders. It is NOT necessary for MP3 because Audacity has LAME built in. Documentation for the “external program” option is here: Exporting using an external encoder program - Audacity Manual


Please, tell me how I can use LIME in a macro? I didn’t find an option with an external encoder in the list of macro-commands. It is only available manually - from the menu?

The fact is that I need group processing of several files, and when exporting to MP3, I need to set the sampling rate to 16 kHz. Until the last update - version 3.1.3 - Audacity remembered the settings, but now? in last version, with each import of MP3, the program resets the settings in the transport panel from the required 16 kHz to 44.1 kHz. The settings in the “preferences” are also ignored. Here I see the output only in the external encoder, in which it would be possible to set the frequency (…lame.exe - -m m --resample 16 -V 9 -q 3 -b 8 “%f”).

I assume that you mean “LAME” rather than “LIME”.

Just export as MP3. Audacity will automatically use LAME to encode the data as MP3. See: File Menu: Export - Audacity Manual

Set the “Project Rate” to 16000. See: Selection Toolbar - Audacity Manual

This has not changed.
When you import a file into an empty project, the Project Rate is automatically set to match the sample rate of the file.
(This “may” change in future versions of Audacity.)

If you need to change the Project Rate using a Macro, do so with the “Set Project” command. See: Extra Menu: Scriptables I - Audacity Manual

Thank you, this command solved my problem with setting the frequency. I did not expect that the sampling rate could be set inside the “Set Project” command.

The “Project Rate” is a property of the current project, hence being included in the “Set Project” command. This option was not available in early versions of Audacity but was added later specifically for this purpose.

In the future it “may” be possible to specify the sample rate as part of the Export command, but that’s not available yet.