"Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2" vs "M-Audio AIR 192/6"

curious if anyone has any experience with either of these two devices. any recommendations/criticisms/experiences with these.

i have a Macbook Pro M1 Max / macOS 13, in case that’s relevant.

also, i’ve had some trouble trying to figure out if these “require” software/drivers or if i can just plug it in & use it.


I don’t recall any reports on the Komplete Audio 2.

There have been reports of forum users unable to get overdub working on M-Audio DUO. For example: Can't overdub with M-Audio M-Track DUO

Also, there is an outstanding regression issue with some MacOS users not be able to monitor an overdubbed recording beginning with Audacity 3.2.0: Overdub Monitoring Not Working · Issue #3964 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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