Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Recording Problems


I am using an audio 8 DJ to record a set from my DJM 800 mixer.

I am trying to record with audiacity, however the only stereo input it offers is channel 1 and 2, I cant use those cause I have a line signal and they are phono inputs.I have to use 5,6 or 7,8. But in audacity these only show up as mono and I cant record them as stereo.

Any ideas.


The instructions suggest strongly that Audio 8 DJ uses ASIO drivers. Audacity doesn’t support ASIO. Audacity does support the Windows drivers, but they only support one stereo pair.


But you’re on a Mac. What does it say in Apple (upper left) System Preferences > Sound > Input? Do you see all your inputs?


Thanks Koz–

You mean I have to read the instructions :wink:

I’m not on the mac right now I will check later today. I think all it said was Audio 8 DJ and didn’t allow selection of each channel. I think your first post is correct, its just not a compatible system.

So how are you physically connecting the DJM 800 to the Mac? S/PDIF?

What input choices are in Audacity’s Device Toolbar ?

If 5 is left channel and 6 is right, you can record those in mono then use the L… R pan sliders on the track to adjust the stereo field.


It does on Windows. But the user has to build Audacity themselves to enable ASIO support.

Mac does not need or use ASIO.


Hello, i have a macbook pro 16inch, i updated my mac to macOS monterey, i have a problem to install the friver of my audio 8 dj from native instruments, please i need heeeeeeeeelp :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: