Naming multiple files with consecutive numbers


Is there some way this could be done, using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.6.?

I have to export and save hundreds of audio selections from within on a long file, and it is tedious to have to type in numbers after using Control + F12 (such as 01, 02, 03 … 343, etc.).

Is there some convenient way to automate this file numbering, say, by saving numbers automatically? Just curious.

export multiple can add automatic numbering to file names …

Thanks. Just what the doctor ordered.

But I get this error message:

“You have only one unmuted Audio Track and no applicable labels, so you cannot export to separate audio files.”

What in the world does this mean, and how can it be dealt with?

You have to label the parts of the track you want to split , then Audacity can export each labelled section as a separate file , (automatically numbered if you want), using “export multiple”.
label-track demo gif.gif

Got it. Thanks.

I am a linguist and I often have speakers of the language I am working on record hundreds of word tokens in a recording session. For example, over a 30 minute period the speaker might repeat three times each headword: “cat”, “cat”, “cat”, “dog”, “dog”, “dog” … I have no problem renaming using a program called Bulk Renamer, which allows me to rename from a text file list oldname|newname. So if “cat” is the first dictionary entry with a unique identifier 001, I can create a text file with the filename 001a, 001b, 001c, 002a, etc.

My problem is the multiple export from Audacity. I am perfectly fine with TrackName and consecutive numbers, but to get this I have to click repeatedly even as Audacity automatically increases the number. This can get tedious with 900 clicks! Is there any way to just export and automate this.

BTW I created an xml template such as that below but can’t seem to get it to load.

According to your attempted template you are happy with the track number incrementing for each exported file. If so, uncheck “Show Metadata Editor before export step” in Import / Export Preferences. Audacity will then add the automatically generated Track Title and Track Number tags for each exported file without the Metadata Editor appearing.

If you want to export values for other tag fields that will be the same for all the exported files, open File > Edit Metadata… and add those tags before you export.

The template defines what the value of each tag field should be. So, it cannot contain more than one tag of the same name.