Naming a track, once not twice

Hi all
I dont know if anyone can help me with this, I recently started using Audacity 3.3.3 after years of previous releases (I skipped a few for other reasons) and I found now I have to Set Track Name and Set Wave Clip Name.
Is there somewhere that I can set, or another workaround? So I only have to fill in one of these and the other will automatically fill? So I dont have to input twice.
I have looked through prefs and on the net but not found an answer.
Thanks in advance Andrew

Not that I know of.

Unless you will actually be using the track and/or clip names for some reason, you can just ignore them.

Except for large multi-track projects, most of my tracks are just called “Audio Track”. I only bother to rename tracks or clips when I need them for some reason (it’s useful to know which instrument is playing on each track in large multi-track projects).

If you find clip or track names off-putting, you can deleted them. For clip names, double click on the name then press “Del”.

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Thanks Steve
it is kinda useful to have the name on the clip if working with a large number of tracks, but if it’s not so easy, I’ll just have to live with it.

I agree, and that’s what I usually do.

Naming tracks hasn’t changed significantly.
When you import a file, the track name is copied from the file name. If you create a new track without importing (for example using “Tracks > New”) then you get a new track with a default track name such as “Audio Track”. (In recent versions, the default track name is “Audio” + track number).
To modify a track name, click on the track name in the control panel on the left end of the track, and select “Name” (same as all previous versions).

The most noticeable thing that has changed with regard to names, is that as well as track names, there’s now also clip names. A track may contain multiple audio clips, and each clip may be named.

If you’re unsure about any of this terminology, give this page a read-through: Audio Clips - Audacity Manual

Normally I just ignore clip names, though they can sometimes come in useful, for example I may make separate clips for each verse and chorus in a song. In this case, naming them as “Verse 1”, “Chorus 1”, “Verse 2”, … can be helpful.

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