Name this forum!

I think “Audiobook Producers” is the more appropriate term. I read authors’ works – I don’t presume to call myself the author!


I second Paul’s suggestion. :slight_smile:

Lovely to have our own sub-forum. I think it will be very helpful to people.

Oh and sorry I’ve been quiet lately, I’ve just been knuckling down with a lot of work (not all audio) but I shall be updating you all soon.


So you are editing audiobooks for more enjoyable listening, without plosives and so on? If so could you be even called a “producer”? You aren’t the original producer.

Perhaps it should be title of “Audiobook Production” with subtitle “Community blog for recording and editing of audiobooks”?

I don’t do this myself, so bear that in mind.


Fine, then, let’s call it Shirley.

Or we could call it “Paul L”. :wink:

My point was if “Audiobook Authors” turns off those who are not authoring audiobooks, won’t “Audiobook Producers” do almost the same?

Describe what you do with audiobooks. I don’t know, so I’m just asking.


“Audiobook Producers” looks better to me (taking the term “producer” in the general sense). Perhaps also changing the description (suggestions?)

In some cases, the author and producer may be the same, surely? Or are audiobooks always of long-dead authors?

Yes “Audiobook Producers” is better than now, it just struck me (as a non-author) as ambiguous.


In the jargon of ACX contracts, one party is the “producer” and the other is the “rights holder” who is often but not always the author of the work.

“Producing” encompasses all the activities of narrating and editing and mastering. Or hiring out the same.

Exactly. It’s the generic term. The producer causes the show to exist. At one end the producer can be the announcer, recordist, editor, etc. etc. At the other, they write a check and stand back.


You could sanitize the title.
Audiobook Production


I like that.

I still think that we will also need to tweak the forum description. As shown here the descriptions says:

Audiobook Authors
Community Blog for Audiobook Authors

so we change that to…

Audiobook Producers


Audiobook Production

OK. Obviously I do, as I suggested it a few posts ago.

I had suggested a title of “Audiobook Production” with subtitle “Community blog for recording and editing of audiobooks”.

That’s if people do edit other rights holders’ work, having purchased the book from Amazon. Or is this only about producing for ACX? Should ACX be in the subtitle? Probably yes.


But no! I do some work via ACX but there are other venues for paying work, and there’s LibriVox, and they should all feel welcome to the party.

Certainly Librivox and others should be welcome to the party. We could mention Librivox and others in the subtitle as well if we wanted to. Or just keep it generic. But in that case we still have to decide what the subtitle text should be.

It seems to me that people needing help with recording techniques are mostly ACX users, because of the exacting ACX requirements.

What about editing of an audiobook that one purchases? Is that a rare case? Should that go in “Audiobook Production” or “Audio Processing”?


You QA people just love thinking up the unlikeliest possible use cases, now don’t you ? :slight_smile:

“No, we can’t do it that way! Somebody in 1985 once complained …”

Audiobook Production
— Audiobook or Story Narration Sound Help —


Or even shorter.

Audiobook Production
— Story Narration Sound Help —


OK so put those oddball people in Audio Processing then. I’m one of them. The only time I ever bought an audiobook, I edited it.


So how about for subtitle “Recording and producing ”?

Another oddball case, just to earn my laurels. Do we get people producing educational or documentary audio books? Is it always a story?


No kidding? There is DRM protecting the books I get via Audible. I could play them on the computer and capture system audio in Audacity if I really wanted to but that would take some time.