Mystery whining/beeping noises?

Hi, recently I’m noticing that my recordings sound like this:

(I just cut together various pieces where I heard it, but I basically hear that whining/beeping intermittently throughout the recording from beginning to end now on every recording)

I am using a Shure SM7B (fairly new) through a FetHead into an Audient iD14. I am using a PC (Windows 10).

The PC is in a different room. I do not have a phone in the room. I DO have an iPad mini in the room.

Any ideas what the culprit might be? This is driving me nuts. Thanks.

Is this the sound that you mean?

Perhaps interference from a mobile phone?

Yeah, that’s some of the sound! There isn’t a phone in the room though. The nearest phone is two rooms away.

There IS an iPad mini nearby. That’s always been there though. I’m not sure why it’d be interfering now. Also, do you think it could be interfering with the mic or the fethead if it is the iPad?

I can play around to see.

If you can identify the source of the noise, it doesn’t really matter how it’s getting in. What matters is that you can turn off the source of the interference.

If it’s not possible to locate the source of the interference, or not practical to turn it off (a pacemaker, traffic lights outside, passing taxi cabs …), then we need to look at trying to make the system less sensitive to it. Best if you can isolate the source and turn it off.

Has this noise always happened, or is it something that started recently?
If it’s not always happened, try to think of what’s changed.

Why are you using the FetHead? Audient say that the iD14 has “World class mic pres”, so I’m wondering why the FetHead is necessary.

Have you tried removing the FetHead from the chain, as Steve suggested?

It’s a relatively high impedance input and as such, much more sensitive to pickup radio interference. And I don’t think you need it, as the Audient should have enough gain and a low noise level.

If the noise comes from the FetHead, you might want to check your cables for sufficient shielding and bad ground contact.