Mysterio Voice Effect


I’m not that advanced at Audacity but I don’t mind playing around to figure out how to do stuff, etc, but I was just curious if anyone knew how to do a voice effect similar to what they’re doing with Mysterio’s voice in the SPider Man 2 PS2 game here (Starts at 3:21).

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. :slight_smile:

Try pasting this code into Audacity’s nyquist prompt effect

(scale 0.5 (sim (pitshift *track* 0.96 1.0)(pitshift *track* 0.92 1.0)(pitshift *track* 0.84 1.0)(pitshift *track* 0.68 1.0)))))

Whoa, that sounds really good! :smiley: Thank you very much for this. :slight_smile: It seems to be just the type of effect I was looking for. :slight_smile: