My Voice Sounds Like I'm In A Telephone Booth

I’m new here and hopefully this will be an easy EQ setting. I’m using a Rode NT-1 mic to record both my guitar and voice at the same time. The sound goes through a Focusrite Scarlet Solo device and is finally recorded via Audacity. I am truly a novice when it comes to EQ settings and have tried some of the suggestions from YouTube videos which have helped to get a decent sound from my guitar but my voice sounds very tinny and like I am in a phone booth and kind of like the old Country and Western singers: all nasaly and like they have a piece of straw in their mouth while they are singing. (this is no slam on those singers. I live in the heart of the country music domain in Arkansas). I just want my voice to sound better and I have a bass boost on the EQ and a slight boost on the treble and just cannot figure out how to make my voice, what there is of it, sound decent.

The recording especially the guitar sounds very “wavy” but that was mostly eliminated by resetting the recording device to the Focusrite device.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Audio can have phone-like “enhancement” applied by your operating-system after the Scarlet & before Audacity …

Here’s a video of a playback device “audio enhancement” being switched off …

In your case it will be a recording device (Scarlet USB) “audio enhancement”.

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