My recording keeps stopping

Hi. I use a 3.1.1 download.
I already recorded a previous project a while ago. Today I tried to start a new project but after I press the record button the recording automaticaly stops after maybe 0.25 seconds. I have not touched the settings since my last project, which again, went perfectly fine.
How can I fix this?

I have not touched the settings since my last project

You don’t have to touch anything. Settings can change around you.

Did Windows do an update between the two shows?

Do you like to use Skype, Zoom, Meetings or other programs like that? They change system preferences and sometimes they stay changed by accident.

As you do your production, the machine fills up. Many of the “it used to work and now it doesn’t” complaints can be traced to the machine running out of space to put things.

There can be magic problems, too. Audacity hates External, Network, and Cloud Drives. If you’re doing production directly on any of those types of drive, you can expect Audacity to just crash when it feels like it. Audacity needs its drives to be able to do any job you may have including jobs that demand ultra-precision, split-second timing. That means do everything on your internal drive.

What’s the show and what are you recording? It’s not unusual to get the maximum stability and success by capturing on a sound recorder and not a computer. That’s a Zoom H1n sound recorder. It doesn’t have any “computer problems.”

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 2.13.48 AM.png

I use a 3.1.1 download.

The current stable release is 3.1.3. Earlier releases can have teething pains.


Also, check Transport > Transport Options > Sound Activated Recording. If that is checked, it could cause this issue.