My mic is recording system audio and I don't want it

Hello I’m running windows 7, Audacity 2.0.5 and I’ve used the .exe installer.

I’m using an old AKG d 50 s microfone (it is not an usb mic) and for reasons I cannot understand it is recording my system audio, so if I try to make a videogame commentary audacity records both my voice and my game sound (I have also tried other sound sources like youtube, random music etc…).
Obviously I’m wearing headphones and I’ve tried to put the mic under a pillow just to see if it was recording sound from my headphones (I know, unlikely, but when everything fails you’ve got to try some bizzarre things).

I’ve searched the wiki, google and the forums but it seems that the problem that people usually have is the exact opposite: they cannot register system audio…

Bonus strange thing: this problem does not occur with my other sucky/9euro logitech microphone.

Any idea?

Look in the recording settings in the device toolbar. What options are available?
You need to select the option that corresponds to your microphone, not Stereo Mix and not Sound Mapper.

Thank you for your asnwer. I’ve tried all the settings combinations in the device toolbar and everyone of them record system audio.

Anyway they are:

MME speakers (realtek high definiton audio)/microsoft sound mapper -output microphone (realtek high definition audio)/microsoft sound mapper - input

These are the only options available. There is no AKG d 50 s. So maybe the mic is not properly recognized, but it doesn’t seem the case since it register my voice without problems (when there is no system audio^^).

Go into the Windows Sound Control Panel and select the Recording tab.
Set the microphone input as the default recording device.
Talk into the microphone and you should see green bars next to the microphone icon moving up and down as you talk.
Play some music on your computer through headphones and the green bars should not be responding to the music.

Does that happen?

Thank you again for your reply.
This is what I get:

As you can see from the pic I cannot set the external microphone as the default input device as there is only one microphone…I think the realtek hd audio manager just switch between laptop built in mic and external one when the latter is plugged in.

When I talk/tap with my finger on the mic the green bars move up and down.
When I play music on my pc through headphones the green bars respond to the music albeit faintly (3-4 lines at most).

Are you playing the music through speakers or headphones?

Through Headphones sir, I know it doesn’t sound right, but this is what is happening.

If I plug my cheap 9 dollar logitech mic everything is ok (i.e. the green bars are not moving with system audio). I think it could be a problem of my mic^^.

Is your logitech mic a USB mic?

No it’s not an usb mic.

I made some photos:,zbjFz3R,yvQl0IK#1 logitech,zbjFz3R,yvQl0IK#2 akg


As you can see the akg connector is different from the logitech one, could this be the culprit?

I don’t think so, but perhaps not impossible.

Is your computer a laptop computer? If it is, then it will probably have one or more built in microphones. If you set Audacity recording with the built in microphones, then by tapping on different parts of the case you should be able to locate where the microphones are. On my laptop they are top left and top right just above the keyboard.

Is your computer a laptop?
If it is, can you locate the built-in mic(s)?

I am not quite sure, but, from the pictures, it seems that the black connector of the AKG microphone is a mono connector. On the other hand, the red connector of the Logitech microphone is a stereo connector. Could this be a factor?

That’s because the Logitech is an electret mic and as such it needs to be powered. The “extra” connector provides the power,
The AKG microphone is a dynamic mic ans as such it does not need to be powered, so it does not have the extra connector.

I still don’t know if you’re using a laptop.

I’m using a laptop: asus k53s.

The only mic I could find it’s near the webcam, so on top of the screen.

Thanks Robert2 for pointing that out!

A friend of mine lent me an adapter that changes the jack from mono to stereo, unfortunately the results were the same…

At this point rather my “sound card” suxs, or my mic is flawed

I think the problem is more likely to be with the sound card than the microphone.
It may be worth checking that you have the best available drivers installed for your sound card. See here for some guidance: