My audio 2 sections down shifts whenever I paste something

Whenever I cut and paste for a retake I am doing, the audio two breaks over inexplicably shifts to create a couple second gap. I have allowing audio editing to shift audio on, so to my understanding this should make it so that doesn’t happen, and it happens regardless of whether the section I am pasting over is the same, larger, or smaller than what I am pasting into it.

Whenever I run my de-clicker program, if there is no other audio around it, the de-clicked audio will also be shunted several hours farther down the audio. I only mention these because they both started happening at the same time, I think around the time I installed the new version.

This sounds like this problem: Pasting Over Clips can create blank space · Issue #5523 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

This sounds like this problem: Incorrect clip positioning when applying Nyquist effects · Issue #5573 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

A fix for the first issue is expected in 3.4.2. I don’t believe there is a proposed solution for the second issue yet.

Old versions of Audacity (including 3.3.3) are available here: Old Audacity versions download

Thank you very kindly! Apparently I didn’t know the specific technical way to phrase it to find what i was looking for.